The pullup plugin provides BetterScroll with the ability to monitor pullups. The 'pullingUp' event is triggered when a pull up is successfully detected. Usually used to implement list/page scrolling to the bottom, pull up to load more data.


npm install @better-scroll/pull-up@next --save

// or

yarn add @better-scroll/pull-up@next


First, install the plugin via the static method BScroll.use()

import BScroll from '@better-scroll/core'
import Pullup from '@better-scroll/pull-up'


Then, To instantiate BetterScroll, you need to pass the pullup related configuration item pullUpLoad:

new BScroll('.bs-wrap', {
  scrollY: true,
  pullUpLoad: true


Options: pullUpLoad

The default is false. When set to true or an Object, pull-up loading can be turned on. When the configuration item is an Object, it has the following properties:

Name Type Description Default
threshold number Threshold for triggering a pullup event 0



  • Introduction:Identifies the end of a pull-up loading action.
  • Parameters: None
  • Return value: None

Note: The finishPullUp() method should be called at the end of the callback function each time the pullup event is triggered. The next pullingUp event will not fire until the finishPullUp() method is called.

openPullUp(config: pullUpLoadOptions = true)

  • Introduction:Turn on the pull-up loading function. This method does not need to be called if the pullUpLoad configuration item is not false when BetterScroll is instantiated.
  • Parametersconfig: boolean | { threshold: number } ,The parameter is the pullUpLoad configuration. The default is false.
  • Return value:None


  • Introduction:Turn off pullup.
  • Parameters: None
  • Return value:None


  • Introduction:Auto pulldown-refresh。
  • Parameters:None
  • Return value:None



  • params: None
  • trigger:A pullingUp event is fired when the distance scrolls to the bottom less than the threshold value.