# Install


BetterScroll is hosted on NPM and executed with the following command:

npm install @better-scroll/core --save

// or

yarn add @better-scroll/core

The next step is to use it in the code. webpack (opens new window) and other build tools support the introduction of code from node_modules :

import BScroll from '@better-scroll/core'

If it is the syntax of commonjs, as follows:

var BScroll = require('@better-scroll/scroll')

# Script

BetterScroll also supports direct loading with script, which loads a BScroll object on the window after loading.

<script src="https://unpkg.com/@better-scroll/core@latest/dist/core.js"></script>

<!-- minify -->
<script src="https://unpkg.com/@better-scroll/core@latest/dist/core.min.js"></script>
let wrapper = document.getElementById("wrapper")
let bs = new BScroll(wrapper, {})

# BetterScroll with all plugins

npm install better-scroll --save

// or

yarn add better-scroll
import BetterScroll from 'better-scroll'
let bs = new BetterScroll('.wrapper', {})

Use script.

<script src="https://unpkg.com/better-scroll@latest/dist/better-scroll.js"></script>

<!-- minify -->
<script src="https://unpkg.com/better-scroll@latest/dist/better-scroll.min.js"></script>
let bs = BetterScroll.createBScroll('.wrapper', {})